Delicious Asian Food In Soldotna, AK

No time to cook? No problem!

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Order from our comprehensive Asian take away menu tonight and leave the cooking to us! At Golden International Chinese Restaurant in Soldotna, AK, we are always happy to provide you with a delicious meal to eat in the comfort of your own home. We'll even send chopsticks! 

 As a busy professional or parent there are times when cooking can be a chore and you want to try something new. Look no further than Golden International Chinese Restaurant, where you are treated like a member of our family with delicious home-style meals prepared with dedication by our passionate and experienced chefs. Keep checking back for new updates to our menu and drink selections. We will be offering seasonal items and other new choices for you to enjoy. 
Several types of snacks and dumplings in containers

Our Recipes

Chinese Cooking is an ancient art that dates back to Emperor Fu His, who introduced agricultural procedures and domestication of animals about 5000 years ago. With the development of culture and religion, this art was absorbed into the Chinese social order.  
Timing is crucial, as is the selection of fine materials, heating, proper facilities, blending, and foremost, the harmonizing of color, taste, and aroma. A Chinese proverb tells us that in order to become a great chef, one must first be a good matchmaker who understands the harmony and marriage of flavors.

Looking at a map of Mainland China, one understands why each area soon developed its own style of cuisine. Easy transportation was unknown, and the four main provinces made best use of their own products; we at the Golden International offer a broad selection of dishes, representing all four regional cooking styles.

Fresh Food

At the Golden International in Soldotna, we care deeply about your ingredients. Whether it's for dining in or Asian take away, we use only the highest quality ingredients to achieve the authentic flavor we're so proud of, and we never add MSG. 

We're sure you'll find something new to love from our extensive menu of beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options.

Our Staff

The Hu Family would like to welcome you as our guest for fine dining in our "contemporary setting with sophistication" or our Asian take away meals. As soon as you walk in the door, you can expect to be treated like a member of the family. We are renowned for our level of hospitality and personalized service in Soldotna, and your enjoyment and comfort is important to us. 

 Our executive Chef, Tom Hu, has over twenty-eight years experience cooking on the Kenai Peninsula. Born in Mainland China and raised in Taiwan, Tom has extensive knowledge in the art of Chinese cooking to best bring you unforgettable satisfaction with delightful memories. Our Featured Chef, James Fan, also joins him in the kitchen.
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